Involved for two decades in different fields & positions of the Music ecosystem, Georges created MESO in 1998 aiming to generate a National network of the “European Music Day Organisers“ in Greece. Since then he is the National Coordinator of Greek network (50 cities in 2017) and Attica Region (Athens) Producer. With more than 600 concerts av. per edition, the event is today considered as the widest live music event of south-eastern Europe. In parallel with Music Day events, he has produced hundreds of major shows & events and has participated in numerous EU projects. He has worked with various int’l networks such as Fete Européenne de la Musique, Viva Europa, Europavox or Music2Deal, and since 2008 he also operates as a Cultural Marketing Knowledge Broker for transnational projects. He is a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation, the Global Entrepreneurship Week, a founding member of the EURICCA initiative and of the newly born European Live Music Association.