CTL – Cultural Trend Lisbon is an independent cultural production and management company, located in Lisbon, Portugal. With a focus on arts and entertainment, CTL offers an integrated management model that enables our team to constantly create and deliver new and original cultural projects and content to the public realm. We own and manage Musicbox, a music venue, and Povo, a restaurant and bar, both offering an overall program that echoes CTL’s interdisciplinary approach to the arts. While holding a large number of concerts, Musicbox constantly provides a space for a variety of other cultural events. Povo has a regular cultural programme focused on the celebration of the written, spoken and sung word and offers a year-round artist in residency program. Both venues allow us to offer an integrated model: we support and promote artists, engage with new projects, handle ticketing, bar and every aspect of production operation. Our business management model and experience enable us to constantly create and execute new and original cultural projects and content, from music, literary and multidisciplinary events to original editorial content and consulting services in the areas of cultural management and production. www.ctlisbon.com
CTL is the organiser of the MIL – Lisbon International Music Network.