Groovly is a music platform for artists and music producers that allows them to share short-form music demos and quickly get feedback, allowing them to speed up the development process for their creative projects.
If listeners love the music they hear they will have the option to follow the artists behind any of the demos and be notified when they release a finished project, allowing artists to promote their future releases and grow their fan base. Groovly will also be able to discover and sponsor talented artists on the platform and venture into areas like original content creation and live events with the end goal of catalyzing the evolution of new music styles and genres worldwide.

Most existing music platforms are geared towards longer-form audio content where it’s expected that an entire track is put together beforehand. As a consequence, there’s currently no platform offering music producers a way to quickly validate short-form experimental concepts, requiring them to finish an entire track which is time-consuming and hinders experimentation.

Groovly aims to provide a home for music experiments with the purpose of helping producers innovate artistically while simultaneously helping them gain traction and grow their fan base.

Groovly attempts to innovate by offering a streamlined music platform geared towards experimental, short-form audio content, putting artist discoverability first and radically shortening the time and effort required to validate music ideas and promote new music releases.
In the future we plan to offer innovative exclusive formats for releases, combining video, audio and new mediums like VR/AR to further differentiate Groovly’s unique value proposition.


Yvan Boudillet, FR