At Sensi we are developing our first product – Sensi M.

Sensi M is a modular and wireless musical instrument that you can totally customise to suit any musician needs.
Musicians can set the modules that they want, as they want and with the interface type that they need. But also configure each module to work according to each musician requirements, thanks to a community based software where they can create, share and edit different “functions” (firmware) to their Sensi M set.

Beside of this, Sensi M modules can be used as an extension of other instruments. Thanks to a special bottom surface that leaves no dirt or damage it can be attached to instrument such guitars or basses (or pretty much any flat surface) and reposition it as many times as needed. This suits perfectly the “One Man Bands” who need to play multiple instruments at the same time, or musicians who want to add new expressive and creative layers to their more traditional instruments.

Sensi M is so adaptable that can perfectly cover the range between beginners to professional musicians. The pocket size dimensions of the modules together with the capability to communicate not only with computers and “pro gear”, but also with smartphones and tablets make of Sensi M a perfect tool for a mobile studio that allow you to practice and layer down ideas anywhere at anytime.