EEnlarge Europe Project is a cooperation between small music venues in 6 countries: Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia and currently has 17 partners. The spine of the project is 5 events where the venues can improve their organisation and business skills, their understanding on younger generation and communication, listen to presentations on relevant case studies and exchange knowledge.

Part of this project will be a website what would have 3 main parts: open knowledge base, internal communication channel, information platform for promoters, booking agents, touring bands.

Knowledge base: during the project we’ll collect data of the partner venues to have a better understanding of the scene. These will be processed and publicised on the website. All the events and pilot programmes will be documented, both written and video recorded, these will be freely available on the site.

Internal communication channel: other activities within the network will be band exchange, information exchange, staff exchange. Firstly, to help touring bands in the region to find the venues, also it will help the venues with sharing their experiences about the bands, promoters and booking agents. Secondly, to share up to date information with each other from conferences to everyday news what interests the region’s music industry. Thirdly, to offer voluntary staff exchange to each other so they can see the venues in operation, or just ask or give staff if there would be a bigger event or festival.

Information platform: database of the venues in terms of capacity, technical information, contacts and other important details. Also this part would show the availability of the venue, which would save time both for the organisers and for the venues.

This project has been proposed to the Music Moves Europe’s current call, and only the website is the idea what applies to the JUMP call. Even if MME will not fund the project, the website still could stand on it’s own.

EEnlarge Europe Website