The field of live music is entangled in this very contradiction: the more you get your message and values across, the more physical impact it has on the environment. It is often difficult to uphold a high standard of environmental ethics within an industry with such a strong carbon footprint.

Green Your Touring – a low carbon toolkit for the music industry will feature a range of initiatives, top tips, inspiring stories, case studies, tools and methods, addressing all the steps and stakeholders with regards to touring for musicians and technicians. This toolkit will offer guidance to find creative ways to reduce this impact in various fields including but not limited to transports, the handling of waste linked to a nomadic lifestyle, the manufacturing and distribution of merchandising as well as using artistic practices or adopting a model conduct to stress the importance of acting up on a personal scale and encouraging collective engagement, going towards low carbon creative and business practices to ensure a sustainable future, in line with scientific guidance.


Katerina GNAFAKI, GR