Streaming Economics – where are we really going @BASE Milano- 11am > 12.15

Streaming services account for 62% of global recorded music revenue, making them by far the most popular medium for listeners. Digital revenue has been steadily increasing, mainly due to subscriptions and ad-supported streams, but low margins for artists and musicians mean this is just not enough. There is a need to rethink a fairer, more sustainable streaming business model, starting with the role of DSPs, catalog management and intellectual property rights. How can streaming economies be a real source of revenue for artists? What aspects matter most within these economies?

With : Enzo Mazza – Helienne Lindvall – Steve Mayall – Daniel Antal

Music is drama – storrytelling through audiovisual synchronization
@BASE Milano– 12:30 > 1.45

From the Tristan to TikTok. Music has the power to tell detailed stories in seconds, to change the course of the narrative with a single note. When matched with replicable, controllable moving images, music can – in the best way – result in a complete work of art. Some of these have become collective mainstream memory. But it seems that this is effective not only in the quest for cinematographic perfectionism, but also in intuitive, user-generated online content. So what does it take to create these deeply remarkable moments?
#CreativeSynergies #BeyondBoundaries #PlayFair

With : David Mcginnis – Mariam Michael Draeger – Ilana Goldstoff

Creating Music and Identity
@BASE Milano – 6pm > 7.15

Pure and courageous collaboration between artists and producers can give life to everlasting products. While the focal point in creating music is, or should be, to express the identity of the artist, creating a vision that goes beyond the sound itself, the industry reveals that the process is often the opposite. Producers’ attention is focused on a sound that pleases an audience – or the artist themselves. In a world of disposable songs and the three-second attention span, how can an innovative, authentic and sustainable sonic identity be created? #PlayFair #BeyondBoundaries #CreativeSynergies

With : Tommaso Colliva – Milena Fessmann – Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt – Federico Cirillo


Mental Health in the European Music Industry between social impact and productivity  @ BASE Milano- 10:00 > 11:45

The music industry, with its peculiarities and unique rules, fosters a particular set of emotional landscapes as well as suffering from a serious institutional and legislative lack of interest. Musicians and professionals share similar difficulties, which are faced in different ways according to the context in which they are experienced, while there is no doubt that support can be of help from social, artistic and productive point of view. What are the existing best practices, support resources, and awareness networks for professionals in the music industry?
#PlayFair #keychange-creative-lab

With : Rosana Corbacho – Flavia Guarino – Suzanne Combo – Jwana Godinho – Riccardo Primavera

It sounds immersive
@BASE Milano – 11:30 > 12:45

Immersive technologies represent a new form of music production and consumption. Digital innovations such as spatial audio, AR and VR are finding fertile ground to enrich physical and virtual experiences. Where does the industry stand? What are the main barriers to overcome before these technologies become standard? How can immersive digital innovations increase participant engagement and enhance live performances?
#BeyondBoundaries #SharedExperiences

With : Franco Fraccastoro – Claudio Vittori – Nuno Fonseca – Antony Vitillo – Chiara Monateri

AI for creatives  @BASE Milano – 1pm > 2.45pm

Presented by Terry Tyldesley
AI has the power to vastly expand the creative capabilities of musicians. From composition to immersive sounds, not to mention creating different lifestyles for the artists themselves. What’s going on within the industry? How far in this direction can we go? What are the applications and the challenges surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in musical creation?
#BeyondBoundaries #PlayFair

With : Alex Braga – Jonas Verwijnen – Luca Stante

Shared experiences in digital environments – what_s next for Livestreaming @BASE Milano – 3pm > 4.15

Now that live clubs and festivals are starting to reopen and the live sector can breathe a little easier, what is the fate of live streaming? For live streaming to survive as an alternative or parallel model alongside the traditional live show, what conditions should be met? Within a digital environment, what are the characteristics that make a concert worth organising (and, above all, watching).
#SharedExperiences #BeyondBoundaries

With : Gianni Sibilla – Cris Nulli – Katri Annukka Saarikivi – Luca Fantacone – Chris Mcilvenny – Clemente Zard


Music festivals as drivers of territorial promotion  @ BASE Milano- 10:00 > 11:45

The Italian festival system appears to be unlike pretty much every other country in Europe (perhaps even the world). It is not dominated by multi-day, multi-stage festivals, but by an enormous number of smaller scale boutique events, concert series, branded, multidisciplinary events, town parties – all branded as festivals. Many of these events are not only thought to benefit the economy, but also serve as tools to discover local areas and spread local culture, attracting audiences for a huge variety of reasons.
The first national research into music tourism, carried out by Butik, a partner of Linecheck, in October 2021 gives us more detailed insight regarding festivals and the live music sector in Italy, and finally provides us with adequate international benchmarking and points of comparison. So what opportunities does this kind of live music ecosystem offer the artists, their audience, organizers and institutions?

With : Giampiero Stramaccia – Nora Will – Giorgio Riccitelli – James Edward Drury – Alessandra Di Caro – Roberto Ribero – Marco Ferullo

Are Attention Economies the post-DSP scenario
@BASE Milano – 4pm > 17.15

Presented by Emily Gonneau
Are Attention Economies The Post-DSP Scenario?… or just another secondary way of making extra cash? Monetized chats, whatsapp numbers, and in-stream tip jars have already become a source of income. But is this the new scenario for artist survival, becoming the most important piece of the pie, or just a personalized evolution of Subscription models a là Patreon, Crowdfunding rewards or backstage Meet & Greets?
If so: music would be the accessory, the promotional tool for becoming a celebrity with a large and solid fan base. But how does this apply to up-and-coming talent or to those who – still – put music before image?

With : Andras Bozan Bodrogi – Tom Gray – Elise De Bres

Urban regeneration  @BASE Milano – 3pm > 4.15pm

Storytelling is a natural inclination of human beings, with the media now providing a narrative environment and the materials through which to comprehend the world and act in it. Each city can tell its own story through its spaces and environments, including its music, sounds, brands and design.
Urban regeneration is all about telling the story of the city while rebranding it, taking care not to forget its people – and, foremost, its creatives – in the process.

With : Melissa Mongiat – Gonçalo Riscado – Silvia Tarassi – Chiara Colli
With : Alex Braga – Jonas Verwijnen – Luca Stante

Sound, Place and Image – Music and Geographical Identity @BASE Milano – 6pm > 7.15

Does Andalusia sound like Flamenco, Berlin like Techno, Lisbon like Fado, London like Indie-rock, Puglia like Tarantella, Nigeria like Fela Kuti, Nashville like Country, and Sicily like marching band trumpets?
Loved by some, hated by others: music evokes associations with certain places, often as the result of stereotypical layers, conditioned by TV and film, that create a collective consciousness.
Let’s discuss cultural limitations and marketing opportunities, authenticity and constructed cases, pros and cons – and everything in between.

With : Luca Lucchesi – Milena Fessmann – Cecilia Pietrzko – Roy Paci – Giacomo Botta