Nouvelle Prague is a music conference and showcase festival held in Prague, Czech Republic, that besides focusing on providing a valuable conference and effective showcase also educates young professionals through workshops and other related activities.

The event’s focus shifted throughout the years from a Czech, and overseas showcase to a more regionally focused conference, plus a partly regional, partly overseas showcasing event. We are on a path to build a key event that are able to engage, and link both major intl agencies, to regional, and local music industry and pave the way to a blooming music sector

Nouvelle Prague was founded and initiated by Rock for People Festival, one of the most remarkable annual Czech summer festivals. The event is a non-profit event, with the aim to link, educate, and facilitate cooperation between music professionals. The event closely cooperating with the stakeholders of the wider music sector, Pohoda festival, Europen Live Music Association, Eurosonic, Sziget Festival, Glastonbury, Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Since it started Nouvelle Prague naturally shifted to be a more Czech- Slovkian music event than a local one, and we intend to continue that shift this year by focusing more on the Visegrad region.