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“Un-Convention is an innovative and highly acclaimed global music network, development agency and conference organiser. Through our events and projects, we bring together artists and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise. To date there have been 104 Un-Convention events around the world, involving thousands of musicians and speakers. These events have taken place in a diverse range of contexts, from traditional music conferences in places such as São Paulo, Copenhagen, and Brisbane, to workshops in Nepal and Palestine. In addition, we have also collaborated with a number of other industry events, such as MaMA, Primavera, Eurosonic and Radio 1 Academy to deliver workshops and panels. Un-Convention is based in Manchester, UK. Our events are delivered with the support of funders such as the Arts Council, PRS Foundation, The Musicians Union, Innovate UK, The British Council, and Local Government (and their international equivalents), as well as with sponsors, which to date have included the likes of Converse, Vodafone and Gibson.”
Jeff Thompson, Director of Un-Convention