Four years ago, 6 partners decided to create a brand that would represent dynamism, energy and openness. Its digital strategy relied on the development of a platform, and on the power of each partners’s communities – making it possible to quickly connect with everyone interested in music and innovation: JUMP was born.


Not only did in-person JUMP events reach a wide European audience, but the project’s digital presence helped us to reach an even wider international audience, including:


1,350 JUMP newsletter subscribers


65,000 visits to the JUMP website www.jumpmusic.eu


a million website visits per year, 150,000 social media followers, and a newsletter database of over 50,000 music professionals and music lovers combined.


During the Call for Applications, social media platforms were a key player to reach suitable applicants, especially in less represented areas such as Central and Eastern European countries.


JUMP also developped and audio library strategy, gathering more than 150 hours of recorded and translated JUMP conferences open and free to all, allowing anyone to be a part of the JUMP experience in replay, and keep sharing music business knowledge even after its end.