May 19th and 20th 2022, the Creative Europe-funded programme JUMP is holding MASH-UP, Get-together & closing party, a vibrant event bringing together all JUMP participants for two days of keynotes, performances, discussions, workshops and more. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the success of this first round of the accelerator and discuss the future of the music industry in an international atmosphere.


MASH-UP! Get-together and closing party is the rendez-vous of the year a 100 participants event that will last for two days and will include an artistic programme with keynotes and performance from Bishi and Bas Grasmayer, participatory discussions, as well as plenty of workshops and networking opportunities.


MASH-UP! marks the end of the first cycle of JUMP, which started four years ago. All our event is set in an informal atmosphere that fits to exchange knowledge and know-how, whether it is in one-on-one conversations, round tables or workshops. We will make sure there will be ample space for informal networking and exchange too. Because this is mostly what this get-together is about: meeting again and celebrating JUMP’s success story!


Launched in 2018 at the initiative of a consortium of six music festivals and conventions accros Europe (MaMA Music & Convention – Paris, MIL – Lisbon, Linecheck – Milan, Un-Convention – Manchester, Nouvelle Prague, Athens Music Week) and two music experts (Emily Gonneau – NüAgency and Matt Errington – The School of Music Business), JUMP was designed as an incubator for innovative projects in music, able to question the European framework, shaken by major challenges we could not have imagined – a hyper-competitive and fragmented industry, worsening climate crisis, a drastic digital shift, Brexit, a pandemic that dramatically damaged the cultural sector, or war resurfacing in Europe. Throughout its four-year duration JUMP was able to adapt and transform in order to better respond to these issues.