The JUMP TEAM is now complete: find out more about the fellows and their tutors! #JUMPFAM After a careful screening of all applications received, the selection committee composed of all JUMP board members has selected the most promising ideas to be developed together with renowned tutors for this 2019 fellowship.

For nine months, the 10 fellows coming from 7 countries and representing 9 nationalities will develop their innovative ideas, while receiving a comprehensive 360° training. In addition to attending all the festivals and conventions of the partnership, each fellow will receive one-on-one tutoring sessions from the most renowned music professionals coming from all over Europe.

The 10 selected projects cover a great variety of urgent needs faced within the music sector. They will:

help fostering social change with projects focusing on diversity in the industry, mental health, and environmental sustainability,
enhance technological development with projects tackling fair renumeration, transparency mechanism, data collection and AI,
build bridges between different key actors of the ecosystem with projects increasing the mobility of professionals and promoting the diversity of repertoire.

”JUMP is all about finding solutions for the music industry to adapt to the latest transformations of the sector and we believe the development of these 10 projects will have a very positive impact on the industry: we are looking forward to supporting the fellows in the coming nine months!”
Fernando Ladeiro-Marques, Project Leader

2019 Fellowship:
Lina Ugrinovska, TAKSIRAT Mentoring, mental health
Gwendolenn Sharp, Green Your Touring, enviromental sustainability
Malle Kaas, Women in Live Music, diversity
Fabian Hansen, WARM, data gathering / transparency
Nuno Santos, Faniak, artificial intelligence
Maxime Faget, Blockchain my art, fair remuneration / accountability
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, PerformAnts, mobility / promotion of repertoire
Scott Lewis, Come Play With Me, mobility / promotion of repertoire
Brendan Power, Institute for Sound & Music, mobility / promotion of repertoire
Alessandra Di Caro, BUTìK, music tourism

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2019 Tutors:

András Bozan Bodrogi, Certified Youtube Specialist / New Media Consultant
Lucie Caswell, CEO at the Featured Artists Coalition
Celia Carillo Castillo, Vice President of Global Marketing – EMI Music
Katerina Gnafaki, Cultural Manager and Sound Art Curator
Marcio Laranjeira, Director of Lovers and Lollypops
Phil Nelson, Artist manager / Founder of The Great Escape
Magnus Källskog, Head of A&R Cosmos Music
Marc Ridet, Director at Swiss Music Export / Founder of La Dolce Vita
Andrew Rhodes, Artist manager
Fruzsina Szep, Festival Director, Lollapalooza Berlin & Board Member of Yourope

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