UNO-HU! is an independent highly ‘interactive bespoke experience’ online platform.
UNO-HU! brings audiences closer to the music artists they follow by offering a unique personal and highly interactive hangout experience, making it possible for anyone to connect and spend time with their favourite music artists in an exclusive setting. I’ve always wanted live music to be more accessible, and I am switched on to audiences wanting to connect more with the music artists they follow. UNO-HU! is a platform whereby the public (in fact anyone) can choose to virtually hangout in a secure private VIP setting with an artist from BLENDID Artist’s roster and beyond.
The hangouts are structured according to what the artist is comfortable with (e.g., a conversation, DJ lesson, special occasion message, serenade, VIP acoustic set, careers advice, song writing/music coaching session, ‘raps vs versus’ writing session, or any other types of hangouts they would like to offer), and the time limits the artist wishes to set (each hangout is up to 1 hour max, special messages just a few minutes). Fans can choose what type of hangout they would like from the selection each artist is offering.
UNO-HU! is a unique concept that unusually crosses barriers by being directly consumer facing – bringing an opportunity direct to consumer is a new previously uncharted territory for artists to exploit. The digital space can facilitate this easily making it a hugely straight forward function to implement.
UNO-HU! was born from my enthusiasm for the digital and virtual worlds, along with a conversation with a high-profile music artist. The artist wanted not only to be doing live music performances but wanted to deliver talks and Q&A sessions, sharing their stories, experiences, offering advice and answering questions about their music career journey. Merging these two concepts together, creating more accessibility and (due to COVID-19) I was compelled to reimagine the live music and events industries, and UNO-HU! arrived.


Celia Carrillo Castillo, ES