We offer an online web interface for large venues to let the fans listen from home and move freely on stage. We can also integrate spatial audio with light effects on stage.
We will provide knowhow and hardware to stream audio sources from multiple microphones live as one multi track audio stream. We will build a website that can receive this stream and spatialize the audio. Each track (microphone) will be given a position in space. Users can then connect to our website online and listen in real time.
Users can also navigate in space using their mouse as if they were walking on the stage between musicians. They can get closer to a particular audio source and they will also get a sense of direction the sound is coming from. The navigation will be visualized as if the stage was viewed from above. See picture attached.
Users can only move in 2D – left,right, up, down. We have already done a website with 3D spatial audio prototype and it turns out that people are generally confused with web VR. By creating a 2D interface we can appeal to more people and overall make navigation easier.
We also offer a way to integrate light effects with spatial audio. We can analyse the speaker array to control light fixtures dispersed in space to create dynamic lighting that will be driven automatically by audio input.
We are building upon previous 3D spatial audio on the web we made – We listened to user feedback and consulted with Bozán András Bodrogi to come up with commercially viable and feasible ideas for this project.


Andràs Bozan Bodrogi, HU