Release Day is an electronic music podcast and live stream promoting FLINT* and female* PoC and other marginalized peoples’ artistry via in-depth interviews. Its extensive online network also serves as a hub and platform as its core intention—to create visibility—is backed up by impartment of knowledge and exchange of ideas. Release Day is more than just an musicalized podcast though as each edition is broadcasted from a different location facing extinction.
For each edition, Release Day travels with its mobile studio, installed in a re-furbished London double-decker bus, to a different, culturally significant spot in Berlin (and other European cities) to register the artist’s background and their habitats. The mobile studio—operating independently as most spaces are currently unavailable—, helps to un- and discover places and spaces which were paramount in the creation and presentation of sounds and currents within female* electronic music. Often serving as birthplaces not only to specific scenes but also collective activities and outlets, the bus can set up outside their closed doors whilst interviewees are invited to recall their connection to their favorite locations in hopeful reminiscence that they will be able to celebrate a comeback soon.
The founders of Release Day, Katrin Richter and Kira Taige, are a well-known music journalist and a successful event organiser. The team is completed by Noemie Gmür, a skilled podcast producer exploring topics like intimacy and relationships. All based in Berlin, the three protagonists are, thanks to their longstanding involvement in the music industry and club culture, very knowledgeable about the mechanisms of the scene. While Kat Richter has taught over 200 females* how to DJ with vinyl, Kira Taige has had a strong influence on the focus of the festivals she helped to execute, thus making them perfect acteurs to take on challenges of the topics they want to tacle within their beloved music scene.


Keren McKean, UK