Overview Ark was created to bridge the gap between gaming and concerts. The platform we have developed is a persistent world that brings together artists, gamers, fans and the music industry.
Our mission is to create a fully functioning, vibrant music-based ecosystem, where artists around the world can reach the audiences they deserve, and fans can explore an incredible landscape of the greatest music on Earth.
We have already successfully held events in virtual worlds, with thousands attending a new form of hybrid event that combines game design, quest elements, live music and film, while physical events in Paris, London, Hamburg and Amsterdam are connected in a synchronised portal between the real and virtual world.
As part of the Overview Ark Toolkit, we have also created the Live Rig that allows real-world (distance-safe) music concerts to be streamed into these virtual worlds.

The platform are developing means that fans, artists, gamers and developers can exist in a vibrant and fair ecosystem, based around music, storytelling and content creation.

A fundamental change is happening in the way we create, perform and experience music. Here is a quick video we created to explain what is happening in the virtual concert space and how our project is helping to shape the future of live music.

VIRTUAL CONCERTS – THE FUTURE OF LIVE MUSIC? Our vision is to create a persistent multiplayer world with endlessly discoverable music, quests, characters and places, and to make this available to the hundreds of thousands of artists who are currently unable to tour and reach their fans. Even post- COVID, the Overview Ark Ecosystem and Toolkit will enable artists and venues to reach fans and have access to new business models, unrestricted by geographic location or venue capacity.


Yvan Boudillet, FR