LowDee is a music exploration app for professionals and consumers that inverses the pyramid of music recommendation by focusing on the Lowest Denominator. In a nutshell, think of it as a tool that unites discogs, bandsintown, youtube and spotify. LowDee presents itself as a map based environment in which you can move around freely, highlighting details that matter to you.
“Generally, predictive algorithms are perhaps really too good. When you keep listening to the recommendations that are being made, you end up in a feedback loop.”
Predictive algorithms aim to please based on taste, popularity and targeted success rate of listening habits of customers alike. Getting out onto uncharted territories can prove to be difficult. LowDee gives users a tool for organic exploration, simply getting lost and exploring.
By telling us where you are, we can show you what’s physically around you. Too much info? Choose “duduk” in the tags (armenian woodwind instrument) we’ll show you bands and projects that define their music through that keyword. Zoom out and we’ll show you the same around the world. Want to see the connections between these bands? Select an option to see the musicians that play in different projects. Like one musician in particular? click on her tag and find out that she played on an electronic album in Beirut and in a traditional ensemble in Paris. She’s performing soon nearby, set up a reminder to attend the show. Tired of the maze? we’ll set up a playlist, based on your journey, that you can import in your spotify. Stop looking. Listen.
No inspiration? Follow other user’s instinct and walk in their footsteps to discover new content. Alternatively use a cloud of random tags to start your journey.
LowDee is a cive to filter discographic, musical, and professional content, offering you a way to circulate in the musical landscape around you and beyond, becoming more effective as you focus on small denominators that unite musical genres and families.

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Celia Carrillo Castillo, ES