“SoundImpacts” is a platform that shows the positive impact the music industry, artists and professionals have had, has, and can have, on equality, diversity, sustainability, environmental and social aspects.

It’s a platform to understand and learn, a global resource, and powerful collective of people in music, to learn and improve practices that make the industry fairer, sustainable, diverse and environmentally clean.

I’ve 15 years marketing in music, I’m a keen environmentalist, and passionate believer in sustainability, diversity and fairness in the industry, having volunteered and helped charities and platforms such as Greenpeace, and drawn to people and projects that strive to promote (or even sing about) these issues and find solutions.

I talk to many artists, bands, independent festivals and industry players who also have similar passions – to highlight what’s being done, what can be done and how, and ways to improve. I know there are others within the industry that have similar passions and a drive to do something about it.