For over a year I’ve been running monthly meet-ups for a group of self-releasing artists in London, providing guest speakers and creating a supportive group to share ideas and help each other with everything from release plans to contacts. This has had a profoundly positive effect on all of their careers.

I run a group of free magazines called in London, Bristol, Berlin and (soon) Glasgow, I would like to see the reach of the magazine supporting similar supportive groups in new cities. In the next nine months I would ideally like to use my contacts in these cities (and others) to create mini networks of self-releasing artists that not only help each other, but plug into a wider network so they’re able to find like-minded people in other cities. These groups would be run by one individual (like myself in London) who will organise events, speakers, and host paid for workshops with professionals that would allow for groups or artists at a wider variety of levels to participate.

The main reasons for running these groups are:

Allowing access to those lacking privilege – knowledge sharing is key, it’s important to me to give under supported groups access to information to help them thrive.

More artists self-releasing than ever, they are missing support structures that a standard label release provides

To foster community and support within the industry – As project manager for EU funded Keychange, community and support was by far the most impacting part of what we did.

Physical community is lacking within the industry and it’s leading to a mental health crisis. Sharing problems with those who can relate will be wildly beneficial

I need help launching this project because it needs to be shaped further; Jump would give me the support and community that I’m looking to provide others. I need like-minded people that see the importance of communities like this, I know how hard it is to set up and run a company by yourself, I need more support in order to help launch this

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