Moja-audio is a web platform that offers musicians the guarantee of finding the audio engineer that’s right for them. Since October 2018, the site has made it possible to launch online mixing or mastering contests among an international network of selected audio engineers. The musician can then compare different versions of his song before making their choice on the only criterion that really matters: the sound. Thanks to “One-to-One” collaboration, once the right audio engineer has been found, the musician can launch other projects directly with them, without having to launch other contests. Our ambition is to revolutionize the global audio post-production industry with an innovative and easy-to-access solution. Today Moja-audio counts 255 registered musicians, 185 selected audio engineers, 67 launched contests and 10 countries represented.

Our clients are very satisfied with our services, we obtained a satisfaction level of 4.7/5 and most of them come back on our platform for their new projects. We are building our business model around two sources of revenue: we are collecting fees on each contest launched and we are offering a premium subscription to audio engineers. The POC is now validated and we need to initiate the scaling phase. In 2020 we intend to raise funds, to develop partnerships and intensify our international development. That’s why I applied to JUMP Boost. Since 2018, we are supported by UNITEC (a regional startup incubator) and we are a founding member of ECINA (a cultural and innovative group of startups from “Nouvelle Aquitaine” region) and member of “Music Tech France”.