The Mino Collective is a group of musician – activists who are collaborating on a newly envisioned way to work within the music industry. The collective is founded and run by the artists Ella Ronen, Brandy Butler, and Sarah Palin.

The main goal of Mino is to be diverse and female-led. We have an inclusive feminist agenda and we put a priority on showcasing great talent that is not necessarily white and/or male, beginning with our local environment in Switzerland, and growing outwards from there.

Our name “Mino”, is inspired by the all-female army of the Dahomey Kingdom in pre-colonial Africa. Literally meaning “our mothers,” “Mino” encapsulates our core values of carrying on the historical fight for visibility and equality for women, LGBTQIA and people of color, and also providing a nurturing and supportive environment for these artists to grow in.