Fichy is a connecting platform for both artists as well as content creators and strategists. Content creators focusing on creating for musicians/artists. As elements like logo design, artwork design, video shoots, branding, strategy and social media presence have become a big part of what it entails to be an artist, I feel there needs to be a proper place where content creators and artists meet. For example: Recently the release of Instagram’s filter creator program Spark AR sent a shockwave through the entertainment industry, forcing companies to quickly adapt and offer high-end quality Instagram filters to artists. The most common place to look for these filters were Facebook groups and technology fora. I myself struggled with connecting with possible clients. I had this idea of selling Instagram filters to artists, but I didn’t know where to start. So I started messaging artists on Instagram and quickly realised how convenient it would be to have one platform with the sole purpose of connecting both of these groups in the entertainment industry: musicians/artists on the one side, designers/strategists/VJ’s/you name it on the other side.

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