Deep Listening can refer to the legacy of Pauline Oliveros, a leading lady in experimental music, and to a practice in a therapeutic context. In both cases the distinction is made between hearing and listening: while hearing is rather like mere registration, ‘listening’ stands for a far more intense way of experiencing. Working in the alternative, non-commercial music scene, Consouling Sounds per excellence realizes how crucial the interaction with our audience is to grow attention for the music we promote. Therefore we continuously invest in the involvement of our community. As such, we have embraced the term ‘Deep Listening’ as a concept to refer to the importance of this dynamic, working on the deep connection between musicians and fans.

Since 2018, Consouling has been investing more and more time and effort in organizing thematic events to offer an intense experience. It seemed something we needed to do, to express that we were aiming at more than just releasing music. This was about connecting people. Soon after, we began to realize that researching the opportunities of new technology would be key to take us to a next step. In 2019 we organized the city festival ’24 Hours of Deep Listening’ In Ghent, Belgium. From now on we will each year organize this festival, focusing on how new technology can help artists and artistic organizations, by offering a completely new experience. More specifically, we are concerned with the added value of this strategy, to help meet specific needs. What if one is unable to attend a concert because of physical or mental health challenges? We wish to research the possibilities by implementing XR during an actual city festival. Moreover, we want to be an incubator to research which technology could lead to a better business model and how to do so, not only by focusing on costly new tech, but equally by scanning the market for existing tools and techniques that are more easily accessible for a larger group of creative entrepreneurs.