Come Play With Me is a not-for-profit development organisation / record label based in Leeds, Northern England. We are best known for our 7” singles club – split 7” / digital single releases from cross-genre, mainly emerging artists, all designed with a consistent visual identity and distributed globally via Republic Of Music/Universal.

One of our key objectives is to develop audiences for the artists we work with globally and this has recently included our first split release with an overseas label, Call & Response of Japan, and the launch of our new magazine ‘Come Play With.’

7” vinyl singles are most visible in our ‘shop window’ but whilst these are popular today and vinyl can be a useful promotional tool, it is rarely the format to underpin long-term growth and the sustainability of artists and organisations. We actively encourage artists to take full advantage of the vinyl opportunity – and select those that demonstrate they are best placed to do this – but importantly focus efforts on how best to create digital / live audiences (i.e. Playlisting, festival slots) and generate revenue from streaming / downloads & sync opportunities.

We are keen to expand all of this with a series of releases between CPWM and similar European labels / artists in 2020 and to foster collaborative opportunities between our artists and those working with our current/future partners for mutual promotional benefits.