The Future of Music is Live – 2pm – 3pm @HUB Criativo do Beato

Even though the virtual space makes it possible to establish many connections and communities, it will never enable the same proximity, gathering and a sense of togetherness as live spaces and encounters do. Preserving the live music ecosystem, its interactions and communities is the first step to guarantee that the future of music is live, not livestreamed.

With : Frank Kimenai – Lutz Leichsenring – Inês Coutinho – Mar Rojo


Empowerment Through Access – 10:00 – 11:30 @HUB Criativo do Beato

In a whitewashed and heteronormative industry, those who own and have access to the means are the ones who thrive. Confronted with this, investing in training and empowerment has become a priority for many organizations that try to subvert the current logics of access through training and affirmative action strategies.

With : Marie Fol – Mariana Duarte Silva – Paula Cardoso – Julien Fournier – Mar Rojo

Can Streaming be fixed? – 16:30 – 17:45 @HUB Criativo do Beato

More than a decade has passed since streaming platforms emerged to dominate music consumption. For the better half of it, people and institutions have been trying to fix its existing opaque and unequal platforms, but perhaps the only way to do it is by creating alternative streaming tools and policies.

With : Terry Tyldesley – David Turner – Naomi Pohl – Steve Mayall


If it’s true that we have entered a dashboard era in the music industry, as Sam Potts once put it, how have record labels reinvented themselves in the context of music streaming and rethink their conventional approaches in order to answer the needs of these new consumption models?

Consider Local Music Scenes1 – 2.15pm @HUB Criativo do Beato

If anything, the paralyzation of international music circuits gave some no other option than to turn to local scenes. However, investing in local scenes and artists is part of the ethos of many, enabling their internationalization and promotion on and off borders. Four music industry agents share the importance of applying such a vision as a long-term strategy.

With : Isilda Sanches – Márcio Laranjeira – Ana Garcia – Tanya Makarova – Pedro Azevedo – Lluc Silvestre


How Bad Is It ? 3pm – 4pm @HUB Criativo do Beato

The European live music sector has faced a crisis like no other in the last 18 months. For an industry relying on public events, international mobility and cultural tourism, which have all been entirely suspended for the best part of the pandemic, this unprecedented moment has been particularly impactful. Our panel brings together European professionals representing all sectors of the live music ecosystem (booking, venues, festivals, export offices) to try and answer a simple question: after such a long crisis, how much damage are we talking about? How bad is it today for artists, live music professionals, the touring business, the events sector? And on a more positive note, our experts will also describe the lessons learned for the industry, suggest solutions to get back on track and draw perspectives for the future.

With : Márcio Laranjeira – Naiara Lasa – Fabien Miclet – Letizia Angelini

Sustainability and Ethics: The Case For Festivals4pm – 5.15pm @HUB Criativo do Beato

The music industry, and festivals particularly, has presented innovative proposals in the sustainability area that can apply to societies’ other domains. But can sustainability be just a group of dispersed projects? What are the principles that should guide professionals from the sector on their path to sustainability? What examples must they consider? Which models and practices should get the attention of society? In this talk we’ll hear some of the major sustainability activists within the festival culture.

With : Artur Mendes – Claire O’Neill – Inez Aires