MASH-UP! 2022

THURSDAY, 19th MAY 2022

Welcome back!  @Lisbon City Hall- 2pm > 3pm

On this first day, we – the JUMP Team – will welcome you at the desk located at the Lisbon City Hall, where the Inaugural speech will be held. Make it your first port of call to collect your badge and your programme, ask any questions about MASH-UP! or about how to get around in Lisbon.

Inaugural speech @Lisbon City Hall – 3 > 3.30

The City Hall of Lisbon has done us the great honor of welcoming us within its walls. To officially launch the festivities, Jeff Thompson (Un-Convention/JUMP) will give the welcome words and offer a quick glance back into the genesis of JUMP and introduce the Project Results.

“Web3 and ethics” by Bas Grasmayer
@Lisbon City Hall – 3.30pm > 4.30

The internet as we know it is undergoing an important shift towards the ‘Web3’. Through this shift, we’ll see an emphasis on community and user-owned services and platforms. As we navigate the many new opportunities in the years to come, we should also weigh the ethics. What aspects of Web3 are potentially problematic and what is being done about that? What does that look like in the years to come? How can you set up your own project in an ethical way? In this talk, Bas Grasmayer breaks down the basics of Web3 and answers the key questions of ethics in the domain of crypto, NFTs and DAOs.

An independent voice in music and technology
@Lisbon City Hall – 5pm > 6

Bishi is a passionate advocate for inclusivity & the gender equality, BISHI founded WITCiH (Women in Tech Creative Industries Hub), a non-profit organisation supporting women, trans and non-binary creative practitioners in tech. During this keynote, she talks about her artistic journey as an independant and marginalized voice in the music industry.

With : Bishi Bhattacharya

Welcome dinner
@Fabrica Musa – 7pm > midnight

It’s been a while since we last met, for some of us more than others. For this Welcome dinner of MASH-UP!, we wanted to put on a great spread: at Fábrica Musa, you could enjoy a BBQ on the terrace, served with fresh local beers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

FRIDAY, 20th MAY 2022

Welcome back! @ HUB Criativo do Beato- 10:30 > 11:00

To start this second day on the right side, let’s meet again at Fabrica do Pão (Creative HUB Beato) over breakfast.

Meet up JUMPERS @HUB Criativo do Beato – 11:00 > 12:30

JUMPers, a lot has happened since your JUMP experience ended. You may not have had the opportunity to meet each other yet. This “Meet up” session will start with a round of presentations on your respective project. It’ll be followed by an in-depth conversation in smaller groups. The benefit of this space is that, in the end, you discover plenty of other innovative projects, perhaps strike up an interesting conversation with someone who is facing the same challenges as you, gain an overview of what’s on and share new models of collaboration and best practices within the network.

Meet up Tutors  @HUB Criativo do Beato – 11am > 12.30pm

Tutors, a lot has happened since your JUMP experience ended. This “Meet up” session will start with a round table discussion to catch up with all of you. After that, we would like to hear about your mentoring experience. The benefit of this space is that, in the end, you’d reconnect with the other experienced Tutors, and share new models of collaboration and best practices within the network.

Meet up Board members @HUB Criativo do Beato – 11am > 12.30

In this session, JUMP Board members and staff – past, present and future – get to express their ideas, concerns, wishes and suggestions regarding their experience and further development. Moreover, it is a place for all of us, to sum up ideas and impressions after four years of leading or working hard on this project and reflect on how all of this can help us build a new case for JUMP.

Coffee & Expert @HUB Criativo do Beato – 4.30pm > 15.30

As part of our event, we are offering Fellows the possibility to sign up for a “Coffee & Expert” session. As an expert, you will be meeting during that hour with 3 different Fellows for an intense 10 minutes one-on-one discussion. (So 3 meetings of 10 minutes each, with 3 different fellows). We are asking them to come up with one specific question/issue they would like to discuss with you, to make sure we make the most out of this short session. We would be grateful if you could join us at the Coffee & Expert desk 15 minutes before the start of the session, so we can take you to your space and share with you a few instructions.

Workshop MASH-UP! @HUB Criativo do Beato – 4pm > 5.30

While conceiving MASH-UP!, one of our deepest desire was that at the end of the event, we would officially launch the JUMP Community. This workshop aims to gather your ideas to shape the future of the JUMP Community. What do we – the JUMP Team – want to get out of the workshop? A better exchange of experiences, a refining of our advocacy, creating better tools for networking and learning about each other’s projects? What could you contribute to this group?

Farewell Cocktail @HUB Criativo do Beato – 6pm > 8

This is the last moment before saying goodbye! We hope that you have had a wonderful stay in Lisbon and have been challenged and inspired by what you have seen and heard during the final gathering. Before we part ways, join us for one final time as we come together over a cocktail, to mark the close of what we hope has been a stimulating and refreshing gathering.

Shows & night out @MusicBox – 10pm > night

Rendez-vous at Musicbox Lisboa, the eclectic club of Lisbon run by CTL – Cultural Trend Lisbon –, for a final, longer, more intense night of concerts and clubbing! Your name is on the guestlist, you can attend both or whichever you feel like attending… You choose what time you want to end (and how).
Find out more about the line-up: 22:00 | Process of Guilt (Portugal / Metal) 00:00 | Nahuel Colectivo (Portugal / Clubbing)