The Future of music distribution – New perspectives in a moving Value chain! – 15:00 > 16:30

While digital distribution is on the rise, the EU focuses and boosts European music diversity in order to increase the circulation of European music repertoire across Member States and to address existing obstacles, such as national fragmentation along with language barriers, which hamper promotion and visibility of music repertoire across national borders within Europe. Watch Mr. Yvan Boudillet (aka TheLynk) and learn all about the future of music distribution and the opportunitiew within the EU.

FRIDAY, 25th JUNE 2021

AR-VR music festivals & gaming – 17:00 > 18:00

The next generation is already blending the online and offline world. It is going to continue to happen with the proliferation of gaming and the huge music productions that are already part of it. Music festivals, Secret gigs, album releases and exclusive music content…It’s going to be huge! Are You Ready?

SATURDAY, 26th JUNE 2021

Crowdfunding campaigns in the music industry – 17:00 > 18:30

Music albums, Events & Projects and Fan crowd-funding campaigns, they’re all out there for you to discover! How difficult is it to create your own and stand out? Get the insights on the Kickstarter platform & the tools for a successful crowd-funding campaign and get started today!